HCL Commerce Featurette: Performance

By Erika Puff
HCL Commerce Featurette: Performance

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Erika Puff

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HCL Commerce Featurette: Performance

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HCL has invested significantly in the HCL Commerce, formerly WebSphere Commerce, product over the past year and a half. Each month, through our “Featurette” series, we like to focus on a specific feature or enhancement HCL has made to the eCommerce platform. This month’s focus is on Performance.

In 2021, Google updated its algorithm to focus on page experience, which is driven by a number of things, including website performance. The performance of your company’s website is vital to a good customer experience, conversion rates, and revenue.


According to a Walmart case study, for every 1 second of page speed improvement, conversion increased 2%

Performance is impacted by a number of factors such as server configuration, code quality, the size of files to load on each page, bandwidth-related issues, caching, etc. To address caching, HCL has introduced a new solution powered by Redis and managed by a new Cache Manager application. HCL’s Cache Manager and Redis solution provide the following benefits: 

  • Reduces page load times by caching high-cost data like database queries and pages
  • Supports application scalability by providing a commonly shared cache
  • Provides a REST API to collect cache contents and manage cache in support of DevOps and monitoring
  • Enables using a managed Redis solution like Google Memorystore or Amazon ElastiCache for true global scalability

If performance hasn’t been a focus for your business, you can expect that your conversion rates, traffic, and revenue are not where they could be.

Free Performance Assessment

BlueSky Commerce is offering a limited number of Performance Assessment engagements at no charge to HCL Commerce Customers. 

HCL continues to focus on improvements to the HCL Commerce product. Read more about what they’ve accomplished since the acquisition of Commerce from IBM. Check out some of the other topics in BlueSky’s HCL Featurette series:

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