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August 4, 2020

When you have worked as e-commerce consultants as long as BlueSky has you know what matters to customers. And what matters most today is SEARCH.

Search is a key area of focus for all businesses with a digital presence – it demands constant improvement and innovation to meet customer needs. For a website, surfacing the right content to someone can be the difference between them staying or leaving. A first impression is everything.

At BlueSky, the main complaint we’ve heard over the years from our HCL Commerce (formerly IBM WebSphere Commerce) customers is around the time-consuming process to manually customize search results. Time and time again, we’ve been asked how the process to improve search results can be automated and enhanced.

HCL found the answer. With the release of HCL Commerce 9.1, HCL has improved the onsite search experience by embedding Elasticsearch, an open-source search and analytics engine, right into the platform. There are a lot of capabilities that make this platform so exciting but a few of our favorites are:

  • Machine learning – provides better search results by using your own data to train and teach the system
  • Natural language processingElasticsearch understands natural human language – across different languages
  • Search beyond product information – to surface results like store locations, order information and blog content
  • Speed – instantly give your customers the answers they want
  • Scalability – it’s built to handle millions of events per second
“When 40 to 80%* of your revenue can be driven by search, your approach to search sets the tone for your customers’ entire onsite experience and ultimately, the success of your business. That is why HCL Commerce has made Search one of the three pillars for our 9.1 release.”

We all know that search shapes your customers’ experience from the moment they arrive on your homepage, that’s why it is so important to get it right. With the addition of Elasticsearch to the HCL Commerce equation, we think HCL has hit the mark, and we’re excited to help companies reap the benefits of this major change to the HCL Commerce solution.

BlueSky is proud to be identified as a top HCL Commerce business partner. We have helped IBM WebSphere Commerce users gain value from their investment for the past 13 years and we are committed to serving HCL Commerce users today and into the future. How can we serve you?

Erika Puff

Erka Puff

Erika Puff services as BlueSky’s Global Business Development Manager. Over the last decade, Erika has played a critical role in leading account management for BlueSky and has developed long-time relationships with our clients. Her unique insight into eCommerce solutions provides our clients with a deep understanding of what could work best for their specific goals. 

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