HCL Commerce Featurette: React Stores

By Erika Puff
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Erika Puff

Erika Puff

Erika Puff serves as BlueSky’s Global Business Development Manager. Over the last decade, Erika has played a critical role in leading account management for BlueSky and has developed long-time relationships with our clients. Her unique insight into eCommerce solutions provides our clients with a deep understanding of what could work best for their specific goals.
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HCL Commerce Featurette: React Stores

5 Key Benefits of HCL Commerce’s React-Based Stores

Welcome to this month’s installment of BlueSky’s Featurette series, where we select a feature of the HCL Commerce platform to highlight. Since the acquisition of HCL Commerce, formerly WebSphere Commerce, HCL has invested in the continuous addition of new and innovative capabilities to the platform. This month, join me as I delve into the benefits of the B2C and B2B React-based stores that are available for HCL Commerce customers.

Before we dig in, what does the term “React” mean? React is a modern technology that is one of the most prevalent Javascript libraries, used to build front-end user experiences quickly and easily. In short, React is the best of the best when it comes to modern technology, which is why HCL leveraged it to build out their newest storefronts.

HCL Commerce’s Emerald B2C store and Sapphire B2B store are both headless React stores. These stores include many of the pages commonly used by customers and are typically used as a starting point for HCL customers. The B2C and B2B stores are Single Page Applications (SPA) written in React and HCL is committed to continuing to release enhancements to these storefronts. It is exciting to see both the Emerald B2C and Sapphire B2B React stores live for customers to leverage.

The benefits of the React-based stores are technical in nature but ultimately impact the business in a positive way. See below as we attempt to simplify these benefits.

5 Key Benefits of React, simplified:

  • React stores have pre-built B2B and B2C templates to streamline project timelines and reduce costs
  • Serious storefront performance improvements are seen with React technology
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) support is available
  • Ease of integration with cutting-edge tools
  • React developers are much more readily available in the market

Because HCL has laid the groundwork with React-based stores, HCL Commerce can be quickly deployed and updated to meet your strict timeline and customer needs. BlueSky is known for taking customers’ sites live quickly and easily. We’ve successfully launched clients on HCL Commerce via our BlueSky CloudCommerce solution in as little as 3 months.

If you’d like to learn more about HCL Commerce or the React B2B and B2C stores, contact us today.

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