Featurette: HCL Commerce Cloud Native

October 8, 2020

Featurette: HCL Cloud Native

By Erika Puff, Global Business Development Manager, BlueSky

This is the second installment of BlueSky’s “Featurette” series (read part one here), where we will highlight the cloud native focus placed on the development of HCL Commerce V9+. HCL has elevated IBM WebSphere Commerce, a previously cloud-optimized solution, to be inherently cloud native. But what does that mean? 

Cloud native HCL Commerce means companies can expect more flexibility, scalability, and ultimately a better experience for their customers.

Here are some of the key features of HCL Commerce that are a result of it being a cloud native solution:  


  • Faster and cheaper development cycles – containerization provides ability to launch enhancements regularly without any disruption to business (no down time).
  • Agile continuous improvement process – regular functional releases are easily tested and launched in a consistent manner.
  • Microservices and API’s allow for plug and play components and integrations.
  • Ability to scale and add capacity quickly and automatically due to demand, or remove capacity during non-peak times to save operational costs.
  • Ability to leverage the regional and global capabilities of cloud platforms to reach your customers faster and better prevent against disasters and outages.

Cloud native commerce sets the stage for an eCommerce solution to meet your long-term needs that can be easily modified, updated, and have capacity increased or decreased in a matter of minutes. The days of planning for a few major releases per year and major upgrade projects are over. 

Because HCL has laid the groundwork with a cloud native solution, HCL Commerce can be quickly deployed and updated to meet your strict timeline and customer needs. BlueSky is known for taking customers live quickly and easily. We’ve successfully launched clients on HCL Commerce via our BlueSky CloudCommerce solution in as little as 3 months.

BlueSky CloudCommerce can be deployed quickly and at an affordable cost while leaving the day to day management of the infrastructure to BlueSky. BlueSky CloudCommerce, powered by HCL Commerce, includes the following:


  • Quick deploy store model with pre-built integrations such as payment gateway, address verification, shipping provider, Google Analytics, and more
  • Infrastructure support, hosting, reporting, tracking, and incident resolution
  • Annual strategic roadmap planning
  • Flexible hosting and production support options
  • Flexible 3 & 5 year term agreement options 
  • 99.9% SLA

If you’d like to learn more about HCL Commerce and BlueSky CloudCommerce, contact us today. 

Erika Puff

Erika Puff

Erika Puff serves as BlueSky’s Global Business Development Manager. Over the last decade, Erika has played a critical role in leading account management for BlueSky and has developed long-time relationships with our clients. Her unique insight into eCommerce solutions provides our clients with a deep understanding of what could work best for their specific goals.

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