HCL Unica Discover Overview: Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Drive Revenue

By Erika Puff
HCL Unica Discover Overview: Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Drive Revenue

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Erika Puff

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HCL Unica Discover Overview: Leveraging Behavioral Analytics to Drive Revenue

Topics: eCommerce / HCL

We all know that personalized and streamlined customer experiences are crucial to the success of any digital strategy. Customers expect high-value interactions wherever they spend their time shopping.  But how do we know if our customers are experiencing the type of interaction they expect? Is there anything hindering them from the ultimate online shopping experience? This is where a behavioral analytics solution comes into play.

Behavioral analytics allows the business user to examine behaviors in order to group customers according to similar practices, to analyze things like engagement, conversion, and retention. HCL Unica Discover is HCL’s behavioral analytics platform that provides insights to online user journeys, through unique session-capture capabilities, enabling marketers to deliver the ideal optimized customer experience. HCL Commerce, DX, and Unica customers are able to easily and quickly download HCL Unica Discover from the HCL Solution Factory and leverage the pre-built integration available. 

Key Unica Discover Features:

Struggle Resolution

Quickly uncover and resolve customer struggle by identifying issue patterns and determining a solution.

Session Replay

This capability provides deep visibility into your customer experience. 

Rich Behavioral Insights

Contextual data is summarized in reports to reveal why struggle has occurred. Data can be used to improve user experience, conversion, retention, and ultimately increase revenue.

Flexible Data Segmentation

Audience segmentation enables tailored engagement for customers who have experienced similar journeys.

Real-Time Messaging

Behavioral data can be leveraged in real-time to provide in-session updates or trigger follow-up marketing recovery campaigns.

HCL Integration OOTB

Comes fully integrated to HCL Commerce, DX, and Unica. 

HCL Unica Discover is an enterprise-class digital experience analytics platform. It delivers insightful behavioral analytics data to empower the business user to optimize web and mobile web experiences easily and in real-time. The data that comes from the HCL Unica Discover platform allows marketers to quantify business impact by exploring opportunities to improve conversion, retention, and increase revenue.

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