Why Upgrade to HCL Commerce V9?

By Erika Puff
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Erika Puff

Erika Puff

Erika Puff serves as BlueSky’s Global Business Development Manager. Over the last decade, Erika has played a critical role in leading account management for BlueSky and has developed long-time relationships with our clients. Her unique insight into eCommerce solutions provides our clients with a deep understanding of what could work best for their specific goals.
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Why Upgrade to HCL Commerce V9?

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Since HCL acquired WebSphere Commerce from IBM in 2019, it’s been exciting to see continuous innovation focused on the HCL Commerce platform. BlueSky Commerce continues to receive positive feedback from its HCL Commerce customers, especially those who have upgraded or are in the process of upgrading to Version 9 (V9).

V9 was introduced at IBM as modernization in architecture, ultimately leading to many other benefits for IT and marketing groups. HCL has taken V9 from the early days of being a “new technology” to a proven and stable eCommerce solution trusted by the world’s largest enterprises with the most complex needs to seamlessly innovate through their eCommerce businesses.

Reasons to consider a V9 upgrade:

  • Take advantage of modernization in architecture (cloud-native, containerization, headless approach support, and React-based stores)
  • Complete rewrite of business user tooling
  • Update to metadata and canonical URLs to improve SEO on every page 
  • Improve site speed, performance, and stability 
  • All new Commerce Search based on Elasticsearch
  • Order management improvements
  • Content management tool (Page Builder)
  • Digital asset management
  • Optimized merchandising (relevant search results based on customer behavior, voice-based product searches, and OOTB integration with Google Analytics)
  • Improved insights/reporting capabilities 
  • Improvements to quotes and configuration capabilities 
  • 3-tier catalog structure
  • Regain HCL technical support if on V7

Why should BlueSky Commerce be your trusted partner? 

BlueSky helps guide its HCL Commerce customers through each juncture – starting with the development of a strategic plan to address things like V9 migration timing, cost and ROI, selection and slotting in other complementary solutions like an OMS or CMS, and more. BlueSky has executed many HCL Commerce V9 projects, including migrations from V7 and V8 and net new implementations on V9. Furthermore, BlueSky was the first business partner to execute a V9 project. Here is what one BlueSky and HCL Commerce customer had to say at the conclusion of our project:

    “As I wrap up the week, I thought I would send you a quick note, thanking you and your teams for doing a fabulous job completing our project! From what I’ve heard, this project was delivered on time, on budget, and on-scope.  In other words, a fantastic success! Great work! We appreciate your partnership and look forward to our continued success together.”

    VP of Information Technology, High-End Office & Home Furnishings Brand

    BlueSky also works very closely with the HCL product development team to stay aligned on new releases and provide a feedback loop from clients directly to HCL. BlueSky is an experienced HCL Commerce business partner whose expertise is in understanding consumer-driven journeys and purchasing behaviors. The best practices BlueSky leverages to implement complex projects provide another level of trust and transparency, which drives proven and profitable results.

    Why upgrade to hcl commerce v9?


    To meet your business goals, you need a strategy that maximizes the output of your current resources while maintaining an eye toward growth.

    Why upgrade to hcl commerce v9?


    Our skills, experience, and leadership can help your company keep up with the ever-evolving nature of today’s business.

    Why upgrade to hcl commerce v9?


    Whether you need a brand refresh, high-quality video content, a website redesign, or digital marketing, BlueSky Commerce is equipped to handle that and much more.

    Why upgrade to hcl commerce v9?


    We don’t just look at the position you’re hiring, we also understand your company, your goals, and how the candidate will fit into the company’s big picture.

    Start the Conversation

    BlueSky’s unmatched commerce expertise allows us to help our clients understand how to utilize omnichannel and business solutions to reach, attract, engage, and grow customers.

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