HCL Now Has Full Ownership of IBM WebSphere Commerce

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HCL Now Has Full Ownership of IBM WebSphere Commerce

On Monday, July 1, 2019, HCL Technologies announced that it concluded the acquisition of select IBM products. Now that the deal has closed, HCL has full ownership of research and development, sales, marketing, delivery, and support for seven products, including our favorite, WebSphere Commerce.

Since the original announcement by IBM in December, BlueSky stayed close to IBM and participated in strategy sessions on the product’s future (under the ownership of HCL). We also got closer to HCL and were among the first partners in their pilot program, HCL Partner Connect.

HCL also chose BlueSky to build its brand-new e-commerce site for online software renewals. It was an honor to be selected by HCL to build their renewal site – and of course, the new e-commerce site is built on IBM WebSphere Commerce, now HCL Commerce.

HCL’s and BlueSky’s top priority is current Commerce users, and we are all focused on providing you long-term value from your investment in Commerce. To that end, we are working with HCL to co-host customer meetings to address HCL Commerce; if you are interested in a session, let us know.

In the meantime, here are a few key things to know:

  • HCL Software is the name of the new division of HCL Technologies formed to serve customers and partners in the area of DevSecOps, Automation, Digital Solutions, Data Management, Marketing, and Commerce.
  • Commerce is the name of the product – it is referenced as HCL Commerce, Commerce by HCL, and just plain Commerce.
  • You must be registered as an HCL customer for access to a variety of customer portals. Visit the Welcome Page to gain access to:
    • Support Portal to view and submit technical support tickets.
    • Software License Management Portal to view your existing entitlements and get access to product downloads. There were some minor issues with the data that went from IBM to HCL so you may receive incorrect notifications regarding your software entitlement and renewals. BlueSky can help you resolve issues, just let us know.

Where BlueSky Commerce Can Help

BlueSky (Now BlueSky Commerce) is proud to be identified as a top HCL Commerce business partner. We helped IBM WebSphere Commerce users gain value from their investment for the past 13 years and we are committed to serving HCL Commerce users today and into the future.

Start the Conversation

BlueSky’s unmatched commerce expertise allows us to help our clients understand how to utilize omnichannel and business solutions to reach, attract, engage, and grow customers.

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