Creating a Digitally Native Culture: A 360 Approach to Digital Transformation

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Creating a Digitally Native Culture: A 360 Approach to Digital Transformation

Every month, thousands of people search the term “digital transformation” and get over 439 million search results. There’s a lot of talk today about digital transformation and what it means, so the experts in strategy, technology, marketing, and talent at BlueSky Commerce recently hosted a BrightTALK webinar to discuss digital transformation and our 360 approach.

During the webinar, our panel of experts talked about BlueSky’s history and how we continue to digitize our business to address the needs and changes in the eCommerce industry. They discussed how companies need to focus on digital transformation and the many benefits of going digital.

Take a sneak peek at a few highlights from the BrightTALK webinar:

 What can companies do to leverage their current infrastructure yet move more towards business projects vs. IT projects? 

  • It comes down to your plan and growth goals. It is a four-way teeter-totter balance between how you talk to your customers, on what channels, using which resources, and for what purpose. There are no IT projects, only business projects. A digital transformation can only be achieved when fully digital, using tools to enhance the technology to answer a business problem. 

Clients and pundits tend to focus too much on the “digital” and not the “transformation” with the term “digital transformation.” Why is that?

  • It’s easy to be consumed with all the technology available. However, leaders need to focus more on the cultural shift a digital transformation will have on the organization. 
  • Putting the customer in the front is the key to transformation. 
    • Are the experiences we are creating for our customers unique?
    • Are the experiences customized to the individual customer?
    • Are the experiences consistent throughout all of our interactions with the customer? 

With businesses, industries, and communities opening back up after quarantine and restrictions, what does it mean for companies in the remainder of 2021 going into 2022? 

  • Companies that have invested in digital were successful with sales, conversations with clients, and continuing office culture. Those that held back on investments last year due to lots of reasons realize they need to invest this year to stay relevant and succeed. It’s never too late to start investing in the digital space.
  • The need to invest in internal technology has led companies to think about their external-facing technology. Being digital allows companies to meet customers where they are and drive conversations and engagement. 

The “digital transformation” does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach. What are some ways that companies can “dip their toes” to get started? 

  • Examining your internal way of working and the employee experience
  • Think about customer problems to solve and look at how your messaging and communication stack up
  • In retail, look into a third-person marketplace 
  • In B2B, digitize your sales team and their processes
  • Automating simple tasks can help the start learning process

Since we work with clients through our own 360 approach, what are some examples of how we are working with our clients to build their strategies and then continue to evolve the solution?

  • Clients rarely come to us for everything initially, but through some upfront discovery and understanding their business goals, we are able to put the power of 360 into action. 
  • The big takeaway with our approach is we are here to help our customers succeed and grow their business. We aren’t here to sell our solution – we are here to address gaps in our customers’ business that challenge growth, and leverage our broad range of skill sets and experience to be agile and available where our client MOST needs us.

Driving change to build a digitally native culture starts with transparency. What are some ways teams can evolve their culture and communications to ensure success? 

  • Let customers, employees, and stakeholders know that you are transforming. Being digital means being transparent and omnipresent. Root everything in the company mission and values as you create a customer-centric culture. 
  • Have the people within your organization understand, embody, and embrace the importance of their role in ultimately delivering an exceptional experience.

Let’s connect about how BlueSky Commerce can help you digitally transform!

Creating a digitally native culture: a 360 approach to digital transformation


To meet your business goals, you need a strategy that maximizes the output of your current resources while maintaining an eye toward growth.

Creating a digitally native culture: a 360 approach to digital transformation


Our skills, experience, and leadership can help your company keep up with the ever-evolving nature of today’s business.

Creating a digitally native culture: a 360 approach to digital transformation


Whether you need a brand refresh, high-quality video content, a website redesign, or digital marketing, BlueSky Commerce is equipped to handle that and much more.

Creating a digitally native culture: a 360 approach to digital transformation


We don’t just look at the position you’re hiring, we also understand your company, your goals, and how the candidate will fit into the company’s big picture.

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