BlueSky Digital launches with focus on integrated, agile marketing solutions

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BlueSky Digital launches with focus on integrated, agile marketing solutions


Press Release
July 25, 2017

Matt Rogers
BlueSky Technology Partners

Director of Marketing


Noblesville, IN – BlueSky Technology Partners has announced the launch of BlueSky Digital (, a unique team of marketers, designers, developers, and e-commerce strategists focused on innovative, integrated digital marketing solutions for clients.

BlueSky Technology Partners is an e-commerce consultancy founded in 2006 by Todd Irwin and Eric Warne specializing in the development, system implementation and project execution of B2B and B2C solutions. With this announcement, BlueSky will be leveraging their position in the e-commerce technology services market to include leading-edge digital marketing offerings, creating a one-stop shop for clients.

BlueSky Technology Partners’ CEO Todd Irwin said, “BlueSky Digital is a natural extension to services we currently offer: Top-flight e-commerce strategy and solution implementation. BlueSky Digital helps turbocharge our clients’ e-commerce solutions through strategic planning and execution of digital marketing tactics across a range of technologies and channels, including social media, search, web, and email.”

BlueSky Digital is led by Jeff Tzucker, who was hired last year after serving as Director of Digital Marketing for the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association.

“What makes us unique and what attracted me to BlueSky,” Tzucker said, “is our blend of technical expertise, design, and marketing capabilities. That integration grounds our solutions in the real world. It means we’re not selling you something that can’t be done and we can also push the edge of what technology can do. That’s a powerful combination.”

Tzucker continued, “Along with that, our company’s roots in software implementation lend us an overall approach that’s data-driven and agile, both of which are at the top of the minds of business leaders today. They want results and need their budget used wisely. We focus deeply on both of those things.”

Although BlueSky Digital is a new business unit, the core group has been delivering digital marketing solutions as a consulting practice within BlueSky Technology Partners the last 3 years and have a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-market businesses and non-profits.

With the launch of BlueSky Digital as a business unit, Tzucker says BlueSky is now better equipped to compete in the broader marketing landscape in BlueSky’s back yard as well as across North America.

BlueSky Digital will be co-located in BlueSky Technology Partners’ new North American headquarters located in downtown Noblesville, IN, adjacent the new Federal Hill Commons Park and the White River. BlueSky also operates in Canada under the name BlueSky Canada. BlueSky Canada’s headquarters is north of Toronto, Ontario, in the suburb of Markham and the town of Unionville.

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