5 Benefits of IBM’s Watson Content Hub

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5 Benefits of IBM’s Watson Content Hub

Disorder and content chaos is the enemy of the efficient marketer.

Have you ever found yourself sifting through image after image or video after video? Searching for the perfect accompaniment to your latest blog post or a product image that speaks a thousand words? That elusive video you took over a year ago is there somewhere—you just know it. If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s not exactly efficient. Busy marketers know that the right tools can make life immensely easier. And the great tool that puts you in the zone of marketing Zen is Watson Content Hub.

So, what is IBM’s Watson Content Hub?

Watson Content Hub is the latest and greatest headless content management system (CMS) that works with any system. The application’s sole purpose is to help you manage all of your digital assets in one place. On top of that, this software saves you from tedious hours of organizing content. Here are five reasons why Watson Content Hub could be beneficial for you.

1. Watson Content Hub is software that learns

One of the most powerful features of Watson Content Hub is its ability to learn. Using cognitive tagging, the software assigns metadata and tags to make content easier to find. What is cognitive tagging? You simply upload content and the Watson visual recognition service assigns tags to your assets. Check out this video from IBM to see it in action.

Cognitive tagging - ibm watson content hub

Because the designers understand that cognitive tagging isn’t a form of mind reading, you can manually add and remove tags to refine your search criteria. The best part is that the more you refine the tagging, the more accurately Watson Content Hub can supply tags.

For example, if you upload a set of assets that all relate to a particular product, Watson Content Hub will recognize that the text or images are associated. As a result, the software will assign related tags to group these assets together so that they all appear when you search for them. Pretty neat, huh?

Another notable feature is Watson Content Hub’s ability to make suggestions about your assets and perform commands at your request…

2. Watson Content Hub automatically scales content for different purposes

Rather than having to manipulate images for mobile or desktop, Watson Content Hub automatically renders images to suit your purposes. When an image is uploaded, Watson Content Hub produces desktop versions, mobile versions, storefronts, and thumbnails. Watson goes one step further and says goodbye to guesswork by choosing the image that fits your task.

Flexible editing - ibm watson content hub

3. Watson Content Hub is cloud-based software

Because Watson Content Hub is cloud-based software, upgrades and new features are continually applied. In addition, it can be accessed by any team member so that you can work seamlessly from any geographic location.

The software is subscription-based, which makes it much more cost effective. You don’t pay by user. After you make your purchase, any team member can access all of your assets, modify as necessary, and use on any of your channels.

4. Watson Content Hub is a central location for ALL of your assets

Watson Content Hub is the ultimate organizational tool. And it doesn’t discriminate. You can upload all of your assets. This includes text, images, video, and PDFs. As an added bonus, you can seamlessly pull whatever you need from Watson Content Hub and use directly in multiple channels, whether that be web, storefront, or associated web applications.

Asset status - ibm watson content hub

The asset status is another helpful piece of information. Because you can actually work on your assets within Watson Content Hub, the status lets all users know if an asset is “Ready” or still in the works as a “Draft.” No dangers of someone using an image that still needs work. Assets only get used when they are completely ready. Watson Content Hub doesn’t stop there. You can also see dates of modification and the last user who modified the asset, letting you track the progress and development of all of your assets.

5. Watson Content Hub is for marketers

Marketers frequently see tools that could possibly be game changers. But, often these tools are bulky, require large amounts of tech support, or are too expensive to be feasible. Watson Content Hub is easy to use and intuitive. It does not require massive amounts of technical setup and is a subscription-based tool that can be used by an entire team.

Do we have your attention yet? If so, your next step is determining which version is best for you. Watson Content Hub comes in the following flavors:

5 benefits of ibm’s watson content hub

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see a demo of Watson Content Hub and find out how we can help with integration.

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