Master Profitable Customer Relationships with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX)

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Master Profitable Customer Relationships with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX)

As customers interact with your brand, they leave vital behavioral clues and footprints throughout their journey. Those clues are captured, bit by bit, by various marketing automation and analytics applications.

While there’s no shortage of data, marketers have long been plagued with trying to make sense of disparate data across separate platforms, often requiring support from IT and data analytics know-how.

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX), pulls it all together, evaluating event, audience, and identity data coming from various IBM and second-party applications that participate in UBX. The result: You get a detailed view of each customer in the context of their interactions with your company.

Think of it as having your own data analyst and behavioral profiler on autopilot, documenting your customers’ every move across various applications and bringing it all together in a meaningful way, arming you with unmatched understanding of your customers so you can delight them at every turn.

No longer will you have to evaluate data from disparate sources in isolation, which can lead to misleading analysis and misguided actions. Talk about a game changer!

Ibm universal behavior exchange (ubx)

UBX builds a common behavioral profile of customers by linking various identifiers captured across multiple systems.

UBX builds a common behavioral profile of customers by linking various identifiers captured across multiple systems, allowing visitor data to be shared across the ecosystem of marketing technologies that a customer employs, without having to generate a series of point-to-point integrations.

Why is this important?

As MediaMath puts it, “marketers must orchestrate brand experiences that are seamless, relevant and personalized, particularly as 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016.”

Real-life applications and benefits of IBM UBX include:

  • Discovering upsell, cross-sell and churn reduction opportunities
  • Understanding your high-value customer segments
  • Improving user experience
  • Improving marketing ROI
  • Powering customer engagement apps with contextual and complete data
  • Driving real-time, omni-channel marketing campaigns
  • Reducing costs and saving time

Built to be effortless and intuitive to business users, UBX is also open to any IBM Partner application, including exchanges with leading AdTech provider, MediaMath.

“Through IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange, all customer interactions are portable between Silverpop and MediaMath, making more behavioral data targetable in both MediaMath’s TerminalOne and Silverpop than ever before.” (via

UBX benefits are already significant on their own, but are about to get a shot in the arm when integrated with IBM Journey Analytics, due out in January.

Rich Edwards, a product marketer with IBM, explains Journey Analytics will leverage UBX intel by automatically populating and displaying customer journeys in a highly visual way so you can understand, at a glance, how customers are interacting with your brand.

By combining the two solutions — IBM UBX and Journey Analytics — “you will finally know exactly what device and what actions are taken at each point in the customer journey.”

In the end, being able to access comprehensive customer behavior intel in one platform means you can “focus on using the information to build better experiences,” says Edwards, “rather than the complexities of assembling it.”

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