IBM and HCL: What Now?

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IBM and HCL: What Now?

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IBM and HCL: What Now?

Topics: HCL / IBM

It’s been just over five weeks since IBM and HCL announced their agreement and we continue to learn more about the effects of the deal.

HCL Technologies is a large firm that started out as a services organization but in recent years developed their Products & Platform division, which is the organization where WebSphere Commerce will sit (as well as the other IBM products that are being acquired).

BlueSky had previously spent a lot of time talking to IBM to understand the change – but in the past two weeks, we have been spending time with HCL Products & Platform (P&P) executives getting their perspective. The information HCL can share is somewhat limited since the acquisition is not complete, however, we are encouraged by what we are hearing.

Through multiple meetings, conversations, and communications, we have learned that:

  • HCL P&P plans to invest in the software. They view this acquisition as “a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to provide our partners and customers with first class innovation and technical support.”
  • HCL hinted that they may at some point offer a cloud-based version of
    WebSphere Commerce, but they do not plan to move completely to that model.
  • HCL will be focused on providing microservices to provide a more agile eCommerce platform./li>
  • Development and support of product won’t change – except in positive process improvements.
  • HCL wants deep relationships with their customers. They used the term “delight the customer.”
  • HCL hired a lot of IBM people – and customers can expect to work with the same employees they did before. (And of course, you can expect the same level of consistent service and support from BlueSky.)
  • HCL continues to work on their partner program so customers should not
    expect any disruption in service when working with partners.

While we are hearing that HCL will invest in WebSphere Commerce, we know some IBM customers are exploring other options. As an e-commerce consultancy with partnerships with IBM, Magento, SAP hybris, and others, BlueSky can help you determine what is right for you.

Get in touch if you would like to:

  • Learn more about the HCL transaction.
  • Determine what version of IBM is right for you- V8? V9?
  • Explore BlueSky’s CloudCommerce, powered by IBM WebSphere Commerce.
  • Explore other platforms – like Magento or SAP hybris.

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