B2B Buyers Continue To Want B2C-Like Online Experiences

December 12, 2018

B2C-like B2B Shopping Experiences

As shopping habits in the B2C world evolve and optimize, B2B buyers desire the same or similar experience when shopping online. According to a recent article written by Mark Brohan and published on Digital Commerce 360’s blog, nearly 66 percent of B2B buyers and procurement managers surveyed want their purchasing experiences online to be quick, easy and personal. They rated fast and easy search, brand trust and quality of customer service online as the three most important features. Price, user experience, detailed product information and product manual/how-to availability also scored high on most-wanted and notable features to keep in mind. Reference the graphics below for a complete rundown of all top features B2B buyers look for. To read the full article on DigitalCommerce360, click here.

User experience will continue to play a very strong role in how your brand is perceived and interacted with by your customers. Talk with us today to see where we can help simplify your customer’s experience.

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