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BlueSky Lives up to its Name

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BlueSky Lives up to its Name


What makes a successful business? That question has been the subject of countless essays, books, lectures and infomercials. However, residents of Noblesville may need to look no further than 15570 Stony Creek Way to find just such a shining example of a successful business. That is the new location of BlueSky Technology Partners, a consulting firm in the eCommerce industry.

So, what is it that makes BlueSky the model of excellence to which other businesses aspire? Could it be the warm and cordial manner in which visitors are greeted? Perhaps it is the general vibe of teamwork and camaraderie that permeates the offices? Maybe the honor of being named the Best Place to Work in 2012 and 2013 by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has something to do with it? Answer: All of the above.

“We’re really proud of the culture we’ve created here,” said CEO Todd Irwin. “We’ve tried to cultivate an environment that is a reflection of the personalities of everyone who works here. When you have a culture where people like to come to work, it resonates.”

“This is a culture that workers enjoy,” COO Eric Warne said. “As we build our company, as our company grows, the people we hire stay with us.”

BlueSky Technology Partners was founded in 2006 with the goal of becoming the leader in the eCommerce industry. This is a company that, according to its guiding principles, “is built on opportunity, entrepreneurial spirit and team camaraderie.” All are evident throughout the new office, adding the sense of a tight-knit community.

That sense of community was an important factor in the choice of Noblesville as the site for the new company.

“The city of Noblesville has been great,” Irwin said. “When we began to look for locations, we found that Noblesville seemed to have the business sense we wanted. We are very happy with the support we’ve received from the city.”“The city has helped us tremendously,” Warne said.

Mayor John Ditslear, who was on hand to perform the June 26 ribbon cutting, is equally enthusiastic that BlueSky remained in Noblesville when the business needed to expand its office space.

“These guys do a great job, and we are so proud to have them in Noblesville,” he said. “It’s really fun to watch a small business grow in Noblesville. They are very community oriented, and those are the kind of businesses we like.”

Posted by Mark Johnson, Noblesville Current

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