q Are You Ready For Social Messaging?


Are You Ready for Social Messaging?

By BlueSky Commerce
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Are You Ready for Social Messaging?

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How many messaging apps do you have on your mobile device?

<p>According to Pypestream, at least six in the top ten most apps used globally, are messaging apps.</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><p>Think about that for a second…what a tremendous opportunity for retailers to make communication easier and more convenient on their customers. You may be asking are they listening?</p><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->


of internet users worldwide have accessed mobile messaging services


open rate of mobile messages


open rate of email messages

This article from Pypestream reports that 75% of internet users worldwide have accessed mobile messaging services with the open rate of mobile messages at 98% versus only 22% for email.

Imagine you are anxiously awaiting for a package to arrive and that friendly tone alerts you from your Facebook messenger. This instant message is from the retailer you purchased from and they have a link to the tracking number letting you know that the package is out for delivery that day. Convenient right? A retailer can reach their customers instantly in the most convenient way possible. No emails, just a quick chat, real time.

According to the Q4 2016 Sprout Social Index, consumers are utilizing social more than ever to get in touch with retailers. This holiday season, the average retailer can expect to receive over 3,000 messages from customers. This is up 30% from 2015.

Many applications such as Facebook messenger incorporate tools that make chat bots more interactive than enables retailers to extend the engagement with the customer, keeping the retailer top of mind and also providing more information to the retailer about the customer.

With customers turning to messaging at this rate, retailers can seize the opportunity by resolving customer service issues and engaging with a healthy mix of promotional offers and personalized content. Who will your customer turn to the next time? It will be the retailer they have an established relationship with.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and talk to one of our digital marketing team members today.

What is your strategy to leverage social messaging to improve your customer experience?

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