Did you miss the IBM Watson Commerce Webinar? Don’t worry, we took notes

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Did you miss the IBM Watson Commerce Webinar? Don’t worry, we took notes

IBM Watson Commerce Webinar Recap

IBM recognizes that today’s customer journey is very different from the one offered 10 or 20 years ago. The modern eCommerce platform needs to engage customers on a new level and this is exactly where IBM plans to take us with Watson Commerce.

In the past, eCommerce solutions have revolved around developers. However, IBM is modernizing this approach by centering WebSphere Commerce tools around the business users who will be responsible for marketing and selling the products. During the webinar IBM talked about updates to WebSphere Commerce v8, new cloud hosting options and insight on future roadmap.

Ibm watson commerce mission

Why we need more advanced eCommerce solutions

Businesses of today are facing unique problems:


With eCommerce being such a pervasive mode of shopping, there is no way to offer a truly personalized experience.


It is difficult to analyze the mountains of data and turn it into actions that will improve your sales.


We live in a fast-paced world and businesses are constantly being bombarded with new technology (like Alexa and wearables) that they need to account for as part of their eCommerce model.

As WebSphere Commerce continues to evolve, IBM is narrowing its focus with these challenges in mind to offer better tools that will promote customer engagement. Using Cognitive Commerce, IBM helps businesses draw insights from meaningful data.

Here are the updates that have been included in WebSphere Commerce V8:

Ibm watson commerce version 8 release 8. 0. 0. 4

Empowered business user tools to drive customer engagement

IBM is powering WebSphere Commerce with Watson cognitive technology to help you offer the best shopping experience possible.

The updated infrastructure will have several updates for both developers and marketers. These include:

Technical Updates

Decoupling of the store and search
Externalization of customization
Move from EJB to JPA
Liberty separates commerce services
Continuous delivery with containers
New developer tools that support Mac and Linux

Business Updates

Tools that make it easier and faster to set up product images
Ways to improve the creative workflow
An omni-cart experience
Capabilities for a simpler, more organized B2B experience
A B2B organization administration console
The reporting of the most relevant data so that you can take the appropriate actions necessary to increase conversions and boost sales

To take advantage of all of the powerful features offered by WebSphere Commerce, businesses will be able to choose between cloud options or an on-premise solution.

Cloud Strategy: Commerce the way you want it

If your business intends to take advantage of a cloud-based eCommerce solution, you will have two options with WebSphere Commerce in addition to standard on-premise option:

Single Tenant

IBM WebSphere Commerce Managed Hosted will take away some of the worries of scale and management, allowing you to focus on the demands of your business. This option is an ideal solution for those who may want to decrease infrastructure costs or have bespoke requirements.

Ibm watson commerce single tenant image


IBM Digital Commerce allows you to take advantage of the elastic scalability of WebSphere Commerce and gives you expanded access to the companion assets, such as Watson Content Hub and Watson Commerce Insights.

Ibm watson commerce mutli-tenancy image

On-premise WebSphere Commerce solution

The IBM WebSphere Commerce on-premise solution allows you to take full advantage of Watson Commerce tools. As the flagship, this option is promised to contain all of the best industry-leading tools.

Ibm watson commerce on-premise solution image

The future of WebSphere Commerce

IBM continues to modify WebSphere Commerce to make it the best possible eCommerce solution. As part of the ever-evolving improvement process, IBM envisions these changes for the future of WebSphere Commerce:

IBM plans to integrate these changes in the coming months so that Watson Commerce becomes the single-most viable solution for all eCommerce needs.

Ibm commerce future roadmap themes image

Watch the webinar from the beginning here

Contact us to see how we can help your business choose the right path to success on Watson Commerce.

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