Why Didn’t They Click ‘Submit’?

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Why Didn’t They Click ‘Submit’?

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Why Didn’t They Click ‘Submit’?

Topics: eCommerce

The Baymard Institute shows that 69% of all eCommerce visitors will abandon their shopping cart (mobile/desktop).

According to Business Insider, those abandoned carts collectively account for $4 trillion of revenue lost every year. While there’s a multitude of reasons for customers to change their mind and leave their shopping carts by the wayside, shopping cart abandonment is preventable. Here are five reasons for mobile shopping cart abandonment:


Having to fill out multiple forms in the checkout process is a headache to deal with, especially from a device that might have a display as small as 4 inches.


This is a big one. The last thing you want is for your customers (or would-have-been customers) to get to the last step of your checkout process only to get hit with new costs that weren’t on the product page such as shipping fees.


If someone is on mobile, it’s likely more of an impulse buy. So, anything standing in their way, like registration, diminishes the likelihood of them checking out.


Speaking of options, another reason that customers tend to abandon their purchases is lack of a preferred payment option.


Many customers use their mobile devices to “window shop” or to compare pricing from one retailer to another.


The experience on a mobile device is different than that on desktop. Creating a positive user experience on mobile devices will help to ensure that you have strategies for multiple channels.

Download our eBook, Turning Mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment Around and learn more about how to overcome these issues as well as some steps to take to prevent or save abandoned carts.

Why didn't they click 'submit'?

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