BlueSky Technology Partners adopts a family from the United Christmas Service

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BlueSky Technology Partners adopts a family from the United Christmas Service

Topics: Giving Back

BlueSky Technology Partners, as a part of our BlueSky Cares program, worked with the United Christmas Service to be matched with a less-fortunate family in Hamilton County for the 2014 holiday season.

BlueSky Cares is an internal program at BlueSky dedicated to serving the needs of our community. While BlueSky has a global reach, we believe serving the community that serves us is important. We also believe in supporting a work environment that inspires employees to team up and get involved.

This year, BlueSky adopted a family of six and asked employees to donate what they could to make their holidays happy and bright. We would like to thank the United Christmas Service for this wonderful program as well as all of the employees who participated.

The United Christmas Service has been working tirelessly to assist families in need during the holiday season since 1952. There are multiple ways to participate in helping families during the holiday season. Even if you cannot adopt a family, you can donate to their direct assistance program for 2015.

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