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Better eCommerce Stores, Without IT Involvement – Commerce Composer

By BlueSky Commerce
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Better eCommerce Stores, Without IT Involvement – Commerce Composer

One hiccup in the buyer’s journey – a failed promo code, incorrect product info, lack of mobile responsiveness, or too many clicks to complete a transaction – and the sale is likely gone to a competitor.

All that effort, investment, and elaborate marketing campaigns down the drain just when the customer is about to whip out their credit card, because of a subpar experience. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it? It should.

The challenge in ensuring a top-notch experience is that optimizing and updating an online store can be a pain, requiring a ton of time and the assistance from your friends in IT, who have their own fires to put out.

Plus, if your store is built on bad code or an unstable platform, changes can actually break the website or aspects of the customer experience, opening the proverbial can of worms.

But what if you could make layout and content changes on the fly, without involving the IT department?

And what if you could build personalized customer experiences with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease?

It’s a capability what many of your peers enjoy with IBM Commerce Composer.

Put simply, Commerce Composer is a component of the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform, designed to give business users (read “non-techie” users) more control over their online store and buyer journey.

Commerce Composer users consistently report the following outcomes:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced total cost of ownership & implementation
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Increased merchandising opportunities
  • Increased control of the user experience

How does it work, what else can it do for you, and what are some implementation considerations?

Commerce composer cta- bluesky technology partners

Let us show you how with IBM Commerce Composer.

Managing a profitable eCommerce site shouldn’t be a battle, cause you anxiety, or break the bank. Let us show you how with IBM Commerce Composer.

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BlueSky’s unmatched commerce expertise allows us to help our clients understand how to utilize omnichannel and business solutions to reach, attract, engage, and grow customers.

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