3 Key Characteristics Mid-Sized Companies Need To Be Marketing Masters

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3 Key Characteristics Mid-Sized Companies Need To Be Marketing Masters

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3 Key Characteristics Mid-Sized Companies Need To Be Marketing Masters


With virtually everything vying for our attention every second of the day, grabbing the right customers at the right time can be a tricky game to master.

That game becomes even more tricky when your small to mid-sized business is pitted against massive marketing giants in the same industry. Luckily, with the mindset of the dog from Peter Steiner’s ’93 New Yorker illustration, you too can master Marketing like a pro.

Get ready, the following three traits are going to help you take on the big guys like the Marketing Master you’re about to become – brought to you by IBM’s Think Marketing.


Face it, there will be times when everything feels upside down. And too many smaller companies tend to suffer from a lack of focus. It’s this same lack of focus that causes missed opportunities and scattered efforts. Staying focused on being amazing at one or two things consistently will benefit long-term.


As previously mentioned, our customers are constantly bombarded by ads in one way or another. Everyone is trying to get the attention and ultimately the sell. Get used to seeing a camera in your face on a pretty regularly basis. Get in front of your customers – let them see you as a real person with real personaility running a real business.


Last but not least, remember to always stay patient. The age-old saying, “patience is a virtue” still stands strong, even in today’s instant gratification world. It takes time to build a business and even longer to build a successful one.

Talk to us about your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. Our Digital Marketing Services will help to put you on the right path.

As owner, your business is your passion. You pour your heart and soul into it. To keep it on-point and make that happen, keep these three ways in the forefront of your mind when running your day-to-day.

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