The BlueSky Commerce 360 Approach

By Kevin Lyons
The BlueSky Commerce 360 Approach

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Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons serves as BlueSky's Chief Strategy Officer. Kevin is a growth-minded executive who overcomes complex business challenges by matching customer unmet needs and team member strengths. Kevin uses innovative solutions, based on solid judgement, strong work ethic, and integrity to provide strategic consulting to our clients.
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The BlueSky Commerce 360 Approach

360 Approach Overview

With our four key operating units of expertise – Strategy, Technology, Marketing, and Talent – we offer a unique, client-focused, end-to-end perspective that allows us to get to the root of your business challenges. We help alleviate silos to build profitable and sustainable solutions. It takes a comprehensive strategy to create success and BlueSky Commerce is the partner that can get you there.

Technology is in our DNA, but it is NOT the panacea

We have decades of clients that have turned to BlueSky Commerce for their technology needs. After all, we have been and continue to be the premier partner for technology platforms like HCL Commerce (formerly IBM WebSphere Commerce) and many more. Today, clients may come to us for technical solutions and find, using our 360 approach, that before they take that technical roadmap further, there are many more priorities they should focus on. It’s not that they don’t or won’t need that technology, but, it is in their best interest, and ours, to ensure investments last.

Making the required investments into technology is not cheap. We want our clients to be happy with their investments and sometimes that requires helping them prioritize their roadmap, building out a business plan for their ever-changing landscape, knowing their customers and segmenting them accordingly, or building out talent capabilities they may not have had to invest in before.

It all starts with Strategy

While we promote that a client can enter their journey with us anywhere with any of our Strategy, Technology, Marketing, or Talent offerings, we encourage them all to connect with their strategic plan. If they do not have one, or it has been a while since they worked on it, we can help with our years of experience among our strategic consultants to get them on track. If their strategy is sound, we will ensure whatever solution we are being asked to propose and deliver ties to that strategy and is tailored to the needs of their customers.


Why do some consultants have a “bad” reputation?

Being on the client-side for over 25 years with several organizations of all sizes, I often have witnessed the stigma consulting agencies, or consultants in general, have with business leaders. Why? I mean, the industry would not exist if there wasn’t some need, right? Well, usually the “bad PR” exists because most firms or individuals possess one or two specialties. Most consultants are great at recommending what a client should do but often leave the execution to them. The result of years of this “theoretical solutioning” is the lack of trust that the client got their money’s worth.

That is why our 360 approach is so unique and important for any business to consider. Not only do our consultants give our clients recommendations, but we are able to execute on those recommendations. We are with them every step of the way.


How can BlueSky Commerce help?

Perhaps you need a technical roadmap, dev-ops recommendations,  or key technical talent like one of our clients, a multinational information technology firm. Maybe the requirement starts with a commerce platform and you realize you need help with prioritization, delivery, and an overall business strategy to address your new business reality – like one of our international textile supplier clients. Even if you are just ramping up your digital teams to meet the increased demands of your e-commerce business – like another one of our clients, who is one of the world’s largest jewelers, we can help. We have helped companies for 15 years and we would like to help you, too.

For more information or case studies on how we deliver our 360 approach, contact us today.


To meet your business goals, you need a strategy that maximizes the output of your current resources while maintaining an eye toward growth.


Our skills, experience, and leadership can help your company keep up with the ever-evolving nature of today’s business.


Whether you need a brand refresh, high-quality video content, a website redesign, or digital marketing, BlueSky Commerce is equipped to handle that and much more.


We don’t just look at the position you’re hiring, we also understand your company, your goals, and how the candidate will fit into the company’s big picture.

Start the Conversation

BlueSky’s unmatched commerce expertise allows us to help our clients understand how to utilize omnichannel and business solutions to reach, attract, engage, and grow customers.

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