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Unveiling IBM Journey Designer: A No-Cost ROI Magnifier

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Unveiling IBM Journey Designer: A No-Cost ROI Magnifier

Customer experience is the new battlefield.

Few things are now as critical to your business’ success as marketing enters the Experience Era, where customers demand a compelling experience at every touch point and marketing channel.

Managing that experience well is your only hope of earning your buyer’s preference and, yes, credit cards.

“By 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% four years ago.”

With that in mind, IBM unveiled its Journey Designer platform on September 24. The basic platform is available at no cost, with a more advanced version bundled with the IBM Marketing Cloud in October.

How Journey Designer benefits marketing teams:

Put simply, IBM’s Journey Designer enables marketing teams to create, refine, and visualize customer journeys and shared goals for dozens of priority segments. With this tool, once siloed marketing-channel owners can now collaboratively plan their interactions within the context of the customer’s experience, leading to relevant, cohesive communication across all channels–both online and offline.


  • Design experiences, not campaigns: Use visual storyboards to integrate campaigns and meet goals such as purchasing, event registrations, and advocacy. Grow brand loyalty by serving seamless experiences across all channels.
  • Collaborate across teams: Sign up, sign on, and invite team members to simultaneously create visual journey storyboards. Ask questions, send comments, and attach files in real time to build a creative brief for each journey you design.
  • Innovate the ways you engage: Develop a common view of your brand’s customer journeys, then adapt those templates for segments or individuals. Use the shared virtual workspace to rapidly iterate and advance objectives.

How it works:

Drag and drop. IBM’s Journey Designer is as simple as texting, pointing, and clicking.

Watch a brief demo video below:



Version breakdowns:

[table id=1 /]

Below is a snapshot of where Journey Designer fits between IBM’s Marketing Cloud and Marketing Solutions frameworks.

As with the forthcoming Journey Analytics and Universal Behavior/Data Exchange (UBX), Journey Designer is a shared capability between the two frameworks, and will be available to anyone, regardless of the software solutions they use.

Lucky for you, IBM’s goal is to enable Journey Designer to integrate with any platform in the future.

Ibm marketing cloud and marketing solutions framework - journey designer

Ready for a test drive?

Get your free IBM Journey Designer account here.




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