The Secret to Successful Customer Experiences

By Lori Winkler
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Lori Winkler

Lori Winkler

Lori Winkler serves as the Managing Director of BlueSky's Marketing Division. Lori has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She is highly experienced and skilled in Digital Strategy, Marketing Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Sales, and Public Relations. She is a strong business development professional with a B.S. focused in Majors in Psychology and Education from St. Joseph's College. 
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The Secret to Successful Customer Experiences

DiSC Profiles: Understanding Communication Styles and Needs

There are so many tools to create genuine and personalized customer experiences throughout the customer journey, but the one I have found most impactful is the DiSC profile. I received my DiSC facilitation certification years ago and I was quickly hooked. Knowing my communication style, understanding the differences between my style and others, and adapting my style to make a genuine, personalized connection creates highly meaningful experiences not just for my customers, but also for my team and my personal life. 

It all boils down to understanding behaviors. Technology has made incredible advancements in collecting behavioral data that manage personalized customer experiences. However, the more you, as a marketer, sales, e-commerce, or business leader, understand human behavior and communication styles, the more you will be able to use and implement the behavioral data efficiently and effectively. 

Introducing DiSC

The DiSC® model provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with—and then use this knowledge to build more effective, personalized relationships. 

The DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model: (D) dominance, (I) influence, (S) steady/stable, and (C) conscientious/cautious. * 

People with D personalities tend to be confident and emphasize accomplishing bottom-line results. People with I personalities tend to be more open and emphasize relationships and influence or persuade others. People with S personalities tend to be dependable and place the emphasis on cooperation and sincerity. People with C personalities tend to emphasize quality, accuracy, expertise, and competency.

DiSC in Action

Providing a Unique Experience 

There are several ways you should consider using the DiSC styles as part of your marketing strategy and messaging. Below, we’ve highlighted a way you can assess your current website structure and content to meet the needs of all four styles, providing the ultimate customer experience. You can also use the outline below to identify ways to connect with each style in more targeted and individualized communications.

The DiSC Website Test

Your website visitors likely are a mix of all four styles. Therefore, before you build out your website content and interactions, you should consider what type of experience you want to create for each style. Below are some helpful suggestions for your structure and content.

High D Style

Dominant or direct people want to get to where they need to go quickly. High D individuals are the MOST conscious of your site load speed and your CTAs (calls to action). These individuals’ experiences need to be quick and efficient with minimal barriers to entry and actions. They need direct answers to their questions. Less content is most effective and the content you provide should be straightforward and highlight the benefits. High D individuals emotionally connect when you celebrate their successes and smart decisions. They care about profitability and outcomes over emotions and details. 

High D: Think above the fold, no fluff, fewer details, more ego

Main Question to Answer: When?

High I Style

Influencers need to feel you are speaking to them and connecting on a personal level. They have an abundance of empathy and will be more forgiving than the other three styles. However, if your site is cluttered with details or has too much white space with no personalization, it is likely they will struggle to connect. Since you are addressing all four styles, some easy ways to create immediate connections through people are to have a live chat on your site and access “humans” throughout the site. They like to know who is behind the curtain. Showcasing images and personalizing the message are two easy ways to connect with the I personality type. Personalizing offers or retargeting works well with the I personality as they feel that their visit to the site mattered and that you noticed!  

High I: Think images of people, personalization, and provide interactions with your people

Main Question to answer: Who?

High S Style

Steady or stabilizing personalities are very resistant to change. Like the I personalities, high S styles will be more forgiving but also less trusting. Therefore, if they do not connect, they will be less likely to let you know they are dissatisfied and will leave. This is particularly important when you are providing products or solutions that promise one thing yet deliver another. Providing easy ways to give feedback without conflicts, such as feedback forms or NPS (net promoter scores) surveys, allows a way for you to head off a dissatisfied visitor or customer on your website. Showcasing your customer satisfaction through testimonials or trusted rating systems, like Google Reviews or TrustPilot, can help your high S feel like they can trust you and any transaction they make with you.

High S: Think reviews, recommendations, and ways to showcase how easy it is to work with you

Main Question to Answer: Why?

High C Style

The devil is in the details for High C personalities. Conscientious or cautious individuals start with seeing an unfavorable environment they have zero desire to change. Therefore, data is the driver of success when connecting and the details around the process of working with you are critical for building the customer experience. They are no fluff and need data to feel comfortable. Like the high S personality, they need content that builds trust so testimonials and reviews are also a must for the C style. Drilling down through your navigation links is no issue for the C personality. While the other styles want one-clicks to get what they need, the C will navigate throughout your site to gather all of the information they need. Offering case studies, research, certifications, or industry reports that represent trusted authors is attractive to this style. Try not to have an obtrusive pop-up or “too good to be true or too general to understand” deals. Make sure your privacy policy is up-to-date, and make sure your cookies policy is up to date. 

High C: Think data, details, and process. More information is better than less. 

Main Question to Answer: What?


The key to providing a unique experience is to look at your customers and see them as individuals who have unique styles. AI tools, such as AEM, can help you garner data to build out the experiences and once you know and understand each of your unique customer styles, you will connect with them on a whole different level.

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