Redefining Your CX Journey Through COVID-19

By Kevin Lyons
Redefining Your CX Journey Through COVID-19

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Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons serves as BlueSky's Chief Strategy Officer. Kevin is a growth-minded executive who overcomes complex business challenges by matching customer unmet needs and team member strengths. Kevin uses innovative solutions, based on solid judgement, strong work ethic, and integrity to provide strategic consulting to our clients.
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Redefining Your CX Journey Through COVID-19

The future starts when COVID-19 is a part of our history.

It is not right now. Right now, the effects of this pandemic impact our lives and how we feel. And, like the positive feelings we get for a few weeks during the Olympics, or the negative feelings experienced, for a time, after a horrific event, they are prevalent and significant.

 COVID-19 has certainly made an impact on the Customer Journey and those businesses and leaders that have yet to invest in Digital Transformation are learning a valuable lesson in “necessity is the mother of invention.”

People and society are now experiencing these effects in the span of a few months, or even weeks — especially those who own a business or are responsible for the people in a business they run. Business owners and managers have been on their own.

The New Normal

Recently, the local-state-national governments have been trying to inject a “new normal,” but it has come at a cost and customers have become acutely aware that we cannot live without the real stuff or the services on which we depend. Customers have equally become keenly sensitive to how businesses and political leaders respond to the safety and the well-being of their families and themselves. And so, business leaders have had to execute a fine balance of government and corporate policy with the safety and security of their staff and customers.

Digital Transformation

We are seeing Digital Transformation at an exponentially accelerated pace. Our clients are scared. They have strategic concerns about the technology, organizational talent and messaging to support what the “new normal” demands.

Companies that connect with today’s customers (especially using digital methods), and know how to engage them on both individual and a collective levels, will not only survive and strive but will win big time. Customers will be strongly connected and will be aware of the real values of life, work and business. They will be more territorial than ever, and this will make or break a brand. They will love to organically serve as sales and marketing advocates, or they will ignore you and let you die.

Today’s customers are in lockdown. The world is at a standstill for now, and this is the time to really engage.

Showing H.E.A.R.T

Customers are incredibly perceptive and receptive. However, they will not remember what you say, claim or do, but how you make them feel right now. 

So what should your customer journey be right now?

Every organization should take the next couple weeks as governments intercede on how and when to “open back up” to think about how to connect to and engage with individuals, and how to really show that you are a company with a HEART.

Make sure they can feel it.

Unsure about where to start or what your next steps should be? we can help.

BlueSky Chief Customer Officer, Kevin Lyons, shares thoughts on the Acceleration of Digital Transformation, and how BlueSky takes a holistic 360 approach for our clients – ensuring our partnerships and relationships are lasting. See video on LinkedIn.


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