Did you miss the HCL Commerce Global Summit in July?

By Erika Puff
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Erika Puff

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Did you miss the HCL Commerce Global Summit in July?

Don’t worry – BlueSky has got you covered! It was great to see old friends, partners, clients, and prospects at the House of Blues in Chicago last month. If you weren’t able to attend this year, read on to catch up on what you missed!

Over three days in Chicago, HCL, business partners, and customers gathered to share exciting content highlighting the newest features of HCL Commerce, how the platform and HCL customers continue to evolve and modernize, and what is on the horizon for the HCL community.

The following key topics were woven into the fabric of the week:

  • Introducing HCL Marketplace – Built into HCL Commerce and available to customers at no extra cost, HCL Marketplace will enable the HCL community to:
    • Expand product assortment without carrying inventory
    • Add a direct sales channel
    • Execute both Commerce and Marketplace channels through one platform
  • Customer Experience is king – The topic of personalization and excellent customer experience at all touch points was touched on in each and every session. Every improvement made to the HCL Commerce platform has customer experience at the center of it. 
  • Introducing CDP, “Signals” – HCL is helping its clients address the expectation of personalization at every touchpoint with a customer data platform (CDP) included in the platform at no additional cost. Signals will leverage customer and behavioral data, analytics, and AI to automate a unique customer experience at scale. For example, if a customer buys diapers from your site every month – if there is a promotion on diapers, consider excluding that regular customer since they will buy the diapers regardless. 
  • Modernization of HCL V9 technology – HCL Commerce is a cloud-native, containerized, headless, and react-based solution. HCL’s 18-month roadmap outlines an increasingly decoupled architecture that will continue to allow customers to be more agile and innovate for their customers quickly and frequently.

It was a great week in Chicago! Reach out to BlueSky Commerce if you’d like more information regarding the evolution of the HCL Commerce platform. We’d be happy to summarize the content for your executive team in a succinct presentation.

If you weren’t able to attend this year, mark your calendars for next year!

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