Chrome 80 – Impact to eCommerce

February 12, 2020

Earlier this month, Google started to roll out Chrome 80 Stable and it has been described as one of the most consequential Chrome releases in years. Unfortunately, the changes in this release present issues, in part, relating to eCommerce functionality and should be sorted out swiftly in an effort to minimize issues for end users.

The changes made were designed to make the web a more secure place and to help ensure better privacy for users. With this in mind, in the new release (which has an initial limited phase with gradual increases), Google Chrome changed the way cookies are handled and this change could negatively impact your eCommerce site.

For security purposes, Google Chrome has modified how cookies work and now requires developers to specify which cookies are allowed to work across websites, using the SameSite cookie attribute. This new model must use the cookie setting, “SameSite=None” and an additional secure attribute so that cross-site cookies can only be accessed over a secure connection.

If your website integrates with external services for advertising, content recommendations, social media, widgets, or even custom integrations that rely on cookies – you may have issues.

Most notably, BlueSky is seeing external integrations via iframes break with the new SameSite cookie attribute. Without the proper update, if authentication to the iframe is required, your customers will not be able to login – causing the session cookies to be blocked. Particularly, changes need to be made to external systems that rely on iframes such as:




(although for much smaller firms)


Whether you’re on Big Commerce, Magento, SAP, or HCL Commerce, BlueSky can help you evaluate and fix the scenarios that are affected by the cookie changes. For a quick audit of your site and the impact Chrome 80 is making, get in touch.



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