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KLaunch Text Engagement

February 2022


Kerauno Launch, known as KLaunch, is a fully managed, turn-key mass text engagement solution that delivers the fastest, most direct, and easiest way for businesses to interact with customers, employees, or fans. Our distinctive approach combines data and messaging expertise with the power of an advanced cloud-based text platform to deliver unparalleled business outcomes. This combination ensures that you maximize your engagements without an additional ramp-up time, learning curve, or additional resources.

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“For us, this partnership drives a greater opportunity to support our clients in all aspects of the customer journey and creates very creative ways to engage and drive conversions.”

Todd Irwin

CEO, BlueSky Commerce

KLaunch Text Engagement Solution

BlueSky Commerce, a leading provider of innovative commerce solutions, and Kerauno, a global communications solutions leader, solidified a strategic partnership that focuses on providing SMS and MMS experiential solutions through the KLaunch technology platform. The partnership provides an even greater opportunity to serve current and potential clients on a global level, helping companies connect to people in engaging ways and to offer custom text solutions with valuable data insights and personalized messaging streams for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.


  • Two-way communication between brands and their customers
  • Advanced cloud-based text platform
  • Offering personalized, and immersive text messaging campaigns
  • Personalized experience
  • Convenient to the customer
  • Custom Solutions
  • Fully managed text engagement

About Kerauno

KLaunch, a subsidiary of the global communication software company Kerauno, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. KLaunch provides turn-key managed text solutions that deliver tangible outcomes through experiential, personalized, and immersive text messaging campaigns. KLaunch builds valuable relationships through fully managed text engagement services and text messaging optimization (TMO) for B2B and B2C companies, government agencies, and non-profits. The firm uses proprietary and proven communication practices, methodologies, the science of words, data, and AI bot technology to build relationships and increase revenue.

For more information, visit or text “KLaunch” to 55433.

Josh Ross

CEO, KLaunch

“Text messaging opens two-way communication between brands and their customers and provides the opportunity to personalize the experience for each customer, based on their preferences. We know that 90% of consumers want brands to communicate with them via text because it is the most convenient option for them. Given BlueSky Commerce’s extensive experience in the commerce solution space, this partnership brings expansive opportunities to provide our clients with the very best ways to drive profitability through personalized mobile message streams and deepen engagement. We’re very excited about our future together.”

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of text messages are opened compared to 20% of emails


of text messages get a response within 3 minutes of delivery


of consumers want to be able to have a text conversation with a business

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