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Fluent Commerce 

February 2022

Fluent Commerce.

BlueSky Commerce, a leading Commerce solutions provider for over 15 years, welcomes a new partnership with Fluent Commerce, the leading provider of a cloud-native distributed order management solution (OMS). This new partnership highlights BlueSky’s organic expansion of its capabilities beyond Commerce platform solutions to include OMS expertise.

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Fluent Order Management is a cloud-native, fully managed, and highly flexible platform. It includes the essential components for distributed order management.

Fluent Commerce

To offer a premium customer experience, retailers and brands need to adapt quickly and challenge the status quo. But their old systems can’t support this new reality. Fluent Order Management is an API-first, highly flexible and agile platform designed to easily support changes, now and in the future. Configurable, extensible and scalable, Fluent Order Management delivers inventory visibility at scale and is critical to organizations looking to execute omnichannel strategies.

BlueSky Commerce’s deep industry knowledge and commerce background, paired with Fluent Commerce’s leading enterprise distributed order management solution, helps solve the OMS challenges that customers have disclosed for years. Fluent Commerce, partnered with BlueSky, has endless opportunities to bring to the market. By creating a powerful and exciting commerce platform, the team is prepared to meet the retail needs of the future. Together, BlueSky Commerce and Fluent Commerce are the future of global commerce.

  • Reduce delivery costs by shipping from the location closest to the customer or setting a maximum number of split shipments based on rules.
  • Optimize sourcing and allocation by shipping from locations with, for example, low sell-through rates or high markdowns to reduce discounting.
  • Fulfill orders through the most cost-effective location, including Distribution Centers (DCs), Stores, 3PLs, and Drop Ship Vendors (DSVs).
  • Quickly include or exclude stock locations from what’s Available to Promise online.
  • Update business rules faster and use pre-built templates and workflows to speed up rollout.
  • Manage customer orders by viewing detailed order status, editing in-flight orders, and managing appeasements and return.
  • Fluent Order Management enables retailers and brands to enhance their customer touchpoints while increasing their profit on every order.

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